Work With Us
As an investor, you are placing a potentially risky long term bet on the team, especially the Co-Founders. The two of us, along with the rest of the Mav Farm team recognize that our individual and collective interests are deeply aligned with those of the new investors who choose to support Mav Farm. We are committed to Mav Farm for the long term. The broader Mav Farm team has also demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to our long term success. With continued hard work and good fortune, this commitment will last and flourish.

We would be remiss without speaking directly to potential investors and employees reading this: if you are working on something hard and useful, we want to meet you. Maybe we end up partnering with you so you can work on these ideas in a supportive but challenging environment where innovation is plentiful, returns are great and a compelling need to change the world is the priority. If you have suggestions, our door is always open.