A specter is haunting the modern world, the specter of crypto-art. Crypto-artists encourage the ultimate freedom of thought. Our quest for free access to all information, techniques, and art has no boundaries.
We aren't just the aggregators of information and art nor the static target audience nor the ultimate consumer. For us information is not an intangible stream of data. It is as much a part of us, as we are of it.

Information without art is nothing. Art is art - not exclusively information, matter, or energy.

Mav Farm's premise is that artists, creators, organizations and businesses should and will access and control the complete distribution of their art, media and commerce.


Targeted advertising's inflated and deceptive auction format forces marketers to overpay
Complexity of advertising ecosystem increases costs and difficulties
Marketers struggle with growing acquisition costs and insubstantial data across the marketing and commerce supply chain
Third-party intermediaries profit from every single transaction across the circuit of advertising and commerce
A richer advertising economy is reliant on more personal user data creating misaligned incentives and bad user experiences
Consumers suffer a form of electronic pollution consisting of threats to privacy, security, costs in download times and data fees,, and excessive costs to their attention
As consumers continue to block, mute, or skip ads, the consequent shrinking of the remaining ad-funded market is inevitable
Content creators and media publishers face both a shrinking market for ad-blocker free attention and shrinking slice of the ad-revenue pie
The advertising pricing mechanism will collapse under its own weight as everyone simultaneously becomes a content creator, seller, marketer, financier, and consumer, anywhere, anytime.


Bridge the gap advertising created between media and commerce
Enable direct financial value to individuals
Transfer indirect financial value to the entire ecosystem
Create new financial value for all participants
Share transparent data layer
Remove impediments to global commerce
Promote personal liberty and remove onerous rule-making


Anyone can buy and sell anything to anyone for free without intermediaries
Individuals and businesses control their own art, infomration and commerce
Nobody can censor any art, information, or commerce
Nobody has access to any private information
Anyone can develop, add to or modify the code