Decentralized Distribution
The attributes described in this privacy-focused vision for decentralized peer-to-peer art and trade are aspirational, meaning they aren't necessarily describing what Mav Farm is today or at any given moment. Instead they describe what we aim for Mav Farm to become overtime. The goals help inform where our products and services can be improved and have helped us decide what changes are needed in the next version of Mav Farm.

Some of the attributes are already present. Other areas need more effort. While the network itself is decentralized, the data for each store isn't distributed yet. There's little ability to use privacy-enhancing tools to give users even more anonymity or payment methods to quickly, securely, economically and anonymously pay for goods, services, and assets. There aren't nearly as many features as established media and commerce platforms.

There are extremely compelling reasons to consider the decentralized distribution of art, information, commerce and finance. Enhancing distribution by leveraging decentralized systems allows for proper incentives and total agency on behalf of the network's participants.
In time, we believe that we will find a way to make the system even more efficient than it is at present and in this way, transactions will be a breeze. We welcome you to be part of our growth and to join us as we discover numerous ways in which we can exploit this system to its full potential. Free trade is our ultimate goal, and we surely look forward to your contribution.