to Growth

At the end of technology cycles, launching new products and growing existing product categories, becomes even harder. There are multiple trends that impede growth for new products.
There are ways in which Mav Farm wins or loses if it squares up against any competitor. Any partnership between these competitors will only be thin tethers connecting otherwise unrelated systems and prove ever more Mav Farm's reason to be.

Constraints focus the mind and provide fertile ground for creativity. The shared economy arose in the aftermath of the 2008 crisis in part because people needed the extra cash. We believe the "shared creator economy" will disrupt ad-tech, mar-tech and e-commerce altogether next, but the challenges to growing a marketplace like Mav Farm through any competition and turbulence will make or break this future.

Challenges To Growth:

Distribution consolidation
Competition on paid channels
Banner blindness
Superior tooling
Smarter, faster competitors
Chicken-and-egg problem
Marketplace scaling
Maintaining quality
Supply chain contraints
Economic downturns

Competitive Advantages

Networked, transparent data layer
Networked inventory and supply chain of goods
Networked inventory and supply chain of content
Viral and organic customer acquisition
Conservation of brand equity and marketplace quality via supply constraints
Networked business model provides content creators new revenue streams
Networked business model provides marketers greater ROI than paid ads, e-commerce software and payment processing fees