Mav Farm is a network of artists, creators, engineers and businesses collaborating in creative, engaging, and unobtrusive ways. Our mission is to free the universes' art.

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Mav Farm is not just a company. In fact, we do not intend for Mav Farm to be a company at all. Throughout Mav Farm’s evolution we expect its management to become like the products and services we build - that is, decentralized, networked, and autonomous.
Mav Farm emphasizes creative exploration above everything else, which has helped us provide artists, creators, and businesses access to complete control over the universal distribution of their art.
No matter the future stages of Mav Farm’s development, we plan to implement structures designed to protect our ability to innovate and retain our most distinctive characteristics. We are confident that each stage will bring important benefits for our present and future shareholders, customers, users, and most importantly the people working day-in and day-out to build Mav Farm.